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EcoFarm is seeking a new Executive Director


Job Description

The EcoFarm Executive Director will demonstrate a commitment to organic agriculture,
sustainable food systems and advancing social justice. These main elements come together at
the annual EcoFarm Conference, held at the Asilomar Conference Center on the Monterey
Peninsula. The Executive Director supervises the implementation of goals set by the Board of
Directors (BOD) by managing day-to-day operations of staff and volunteers working to fulfill the
many tasks and obligations of the organization. A four-member full-time staff assists the
Executive Director in achieving program and communications objectives for the conference, its
satellite events and representation within the organic food and farming community. The
Executive Director also provides leadership in guiding part-time consultants, contractors and
many expert volunteers as they realize the aspirations of the EcoFarm Community.


Vision, Planning, and Program Direction
● Identify the essential purposes of the conference and the organization based on past
performance and emerging criteria in the field.
● Develop personal and staff annual work plans based on the current Strategic Plan, in
concert with the BOD.
● Oversee the timely and effective implementation of annual, program, and strategic plans.
● Monitor program performance and evaluate their cost and effectiveness; celebrate and
build on program success.
● Mentor, manage, train and guide staff.
● Monitor current and developing issues in organic agriculture and sustainable food
systems to assure that EcoFarm’s programing addresses acknowledged needs and
identifies opportunities for our participation.
● Be prepared to contribute to national and international efforts and campaigns that
support our vision and those of our community allies, in concert with BOD Policy
● Organize and convene a Strategic Planning session every three to four years.


● Create and manage the fundraising program. Set goals and assess progress quarterly
with the Internal Committee, reporting to the BOD.
● Maintain diversified fundraising sources to ensure the organization’s continued financial
● Design and deploy action plans focused on foundation grant opportunities in our sector.
● Maintain a documented, detailed database of donors, significant government agencies
and organizations and individual members of our sector.
● Provide written donor recognition.
● Research, engage and then solicit funding participation from businesses in our sector
and develop relationships with individual donors.
● Prepare and conduct periodic campaigns designed to maintain recognition of and the
opportunity to support EcoFarm’s mission; utilize traditions in giving.
● Lead Staff, Volunteers, and the Board in EcoFarm’s intentional, focused, fundraising,
promotional, and educational efforts. Provide assistance to BOD and staff to assure
fundraising capability.


Financial Management
● Create a three-year financial plan based on the Strategic Plan then in place that
accounts for expansion in programming or additional staff, increases in fixed obligations,
such as benefits, workman’s compensation, rentals, and other common payables.
● Forecast financial viability and make adjustments to increase or decrease spending.
● Create and manage a comprehensive annual organizational budget with program staff
participation, and coordination with the treasurer, the Internal Committee and the BOD.
● Monitor income and expenses. Compare them to the board-approved budget and adjust.
● Confer with the Finance committee and then provide quarterly financial reports.
● Work with the Internal Committee to create and monitor fiscal policies regarding
accounting, banking, investments, reserves and control of all assets and financial
● Pay the bills. Oversee bookkeeping, financial reporting, audit or accounting reviews, and
tax preparation to ensure proper accounting procedures and compliance with local,
state, and federal financial reporting requirements.
● Negotiate and sign all contracts on behalf of the EcoFarm organization.


Staff Management
● Foster a positive, cooperative work experience. Be fair and objective.
● Document and share optimistic performance objectives with supportive supervision.

● Set long-term staff and individual goals and be prepared to assess performance when
● Monitor timely staff performance in relation to their job descriptions and goals.
● Create and employ a management plan that accepts the challenges of remote
● Hire and discharge staff lawfully when required. Inform the board a month if advance, if
possible, of potential vacancies or problems in performance.
● Ascertain and maintain documented personnel policies and assure compliance with
State and Federal employment law and regulations. Communicate with agencies as
● Conduct regular, formal performance evaluations. Provide guidance and support.
● Maintain individual files on all personnel, documenting positive and negative
performance, concerns and approval.
● Ensure that staff have adequate facilities and equipment to perform their roles.


Support the Board of Directors
● Keep board members well-informed. Provide timely support to the board president, the
executive committee and to individual committee chairpersons.
● Plan and convene quarterly board meetings, in-person and virtual.
● Be mindful of financial needs of board members in fulfilling their travel obligations.
● Implement board policies and decisions.
● Act as a liaison between board and staff.
● Ensure that administrative records, including bylaws, board minutes, and contracts are
maintained and accessible.


Movement Building
● Be a motivated participant in the international organic food and farming movement.
● Become familiar and conversant with the history of EcoFarm, and the organic
● Represent EcoFarm and its programs to the public in a knowledgeable, diplomatic, and
professional manner. Be ready to support policy decisions with the BOD.
● Maintain and develop relationships with other public and nonprofit agencies, businesses
and individuals, in a manner which furthers EcoFarm’s mission.
● Actively partner and seek collaborative coalitions, alliances or networks with
organizations and individuals with similar or complementary strategic goals.


● Commitment to organic agriculture and sustainable, socially just, food systems
● A champion of the natural environment
● A college degree in agriculture, environmental science or management. or
● Notable experience in those fields
● At least five years of executive management and supervisory experience
● Proven leadership with fundraising and development efforts in a non-profit setting
● Excellent writing, speaking and public relations abilities
● Empathic, positive, and effective staff management skills
● Experience with oversight of financial management systems
● Knowledge of and experience with social justice issues and policy advocacy
● Experience working with a broad range of stakeholders


Employment Details and Location Expectations
● Full time, 40 hour per week position
● Flexibility to receive or make calls when required
● Occasional attendance at meetings on weekends
● The position requires California residency. Frequent travel throughout Northern
California, from Monterey to Sacramento. Most meetings are in Santa Cruz.
● Compensation begins at $90,000 per year with full benefits.
● Increase in compensation commensurate with fund-raising success


Cover letters and resumes should be sent to: by Aug 15.