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Educational manager at Deep Medicine Circle - 19455

Job Title: 
Educational manager
Deep Medicine Circle
5110 Telegraph Ave
94609 Oakland , CA ,
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Job Description: 

The Education Programs Manager reports to the Director of Agroecology and
Land Stewardship and the Director of the Landback Program. They are
responsible for continued development of DMC’s Agroecology and Land
Stewardship curriculum with these directors, and oversee the
implementation of the Agroecology Apprenticeship Job Training Program
and all other educational programs at DMC in partnership with local learning
institutions, such as Oakland Technical High School.

This position will advance our work to grow the next generation of agroecological farmers and land stewards to rewild urban landscapes, restore rural ecologies and advance our
agenda for Universal Basic Nutrition for all people.

This is an opportunity to join a community working towards transforming the
local food system through policy, education and job training. The Educational
Program Manager facilitates individuals learning how to grow food in an
intensive ecological production model, land stewardship and cultural building
work while integrating sensitive Indigenous cultural practices, which are
important to building right relations with all living beings. This role requires
someone who is able to listen carefully to the dynamic needs of a wide range
of learners, from children to elders from diverse backgrounds, and assist them
on their learning path. This position also requires a high level of demonstrated
professionalism and emotional maturity to navigate the complex issues of partners and participants coming from communities of struggle.

The Education Program Manager will need to to support collaborative
relationships with local and Indigenous communities, academia, government,
industry, and other relevant parties to advance program goals and the Deep
Medicine Circle’s purpose and vision.

LOCATIONS: All DMC active sites which includes the Rooftop Medicine Farm,
Oakland, The Seed Hub and Outdoor Classroom in the Laurel District,
Oakland, and Te Kwe A’naa Warep Farm, San Gregorio

COMPENSATION and HOURS $60,000-$75,000 based on experience /year
salaried, full time
Start Date and Timeline: September 1, 2023
Required and Additional Benefits: PTO, PSL, healthcare benefits, 401K,
workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, annual gear stipend
($200), annual professional development stipend ($500)

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Essential Functions
With guidance and collaboration from the leadership of DMC (Executive
Director, Director of the Landback Program, and the Director of Agroecology
/Land Stewardship) this position will be responsible for the following specific
● Continued design and evolution of Agroecology training program with
clear goals, objectives and desired outcomes for each cohort that
including: course outline, learning modules, core competencies,
hands-on activities appropriate for each season, an Indigenous cultural
practice learning component and career exploration opportunities
● Oversee recruitment and vetting of Education Program participants
● Coordinate daily schedules and tasks of all participants in DMC’s
Educational Programs with Directors and Farm Managers
● When DMC’s Education Programs are not in session, deepen learning in
DMC’s agroecological approaches by working alongside farm teams at
all sites, with schedule coordinated by DMC Director of Agroecology
and Land Stewardship
● Keep Outdoor Classroom in working order, stocked with learning
supplies as needed
● Serve as the point of contact for Apprentices and other educational
participants, accompanying them at all times in all learning experiences
with DMC
● Help create learning plans for each participant based on the outline
and the desired outcomes set for each cohort
● Coordinate orientation meetings and weekly check-ins with each
cohort as well as personal meetings with participants to review
progress towards their specific learning plan
● Conduct pre-program and end evaluations for all learning participants
● Support and inform the DMC team in relationship to culturally sensitive
and knowledge-based decision-making as it relates to the participants
and course outline we are implementing
● Overseeing and participating in all educational activities and sessions
that happen at different farm sites, field trips and at partner sites.
● Attend conferences and visit projects stewarded by similar
organizations to ascertain best practices.
● Communicate project results and progress to DMC team through case
notes, progress reports and data tracking
● Log hours spent by each participant and collect data in relationship to
grant reporting and the on-going Farm Is Medicine initiative.
● Work with the Fund Development team to support fund-raising efforts,
including providing content for reporting and facilitating field site visits
for donors and staff.
● Lead in the modification and development of policies, procedures, and
action plans to improve the organization’s Apprenticeship Program
● Ability to travel to each of the DMC sites in Oakland and in San Gregorio
● Ability to drive a 15 passenger van to bring Apprentices between farms
in Oakland and San Gregorio
● Participate and be available for community events and programming
which includes some evenings/weekends.

Education & Experience: 

● At least 5 years experience in management of internship or
apprenticeship programing work
● Minimum 3 years of organic vegetable production farming
● Confident in leading groups in educational programs and job skill
● Drivers License with clean driving record
● Attention to detail in project management
● Demonstrates clear communication skills and solid work ethic
● 3 years of teaching or mentoring experience
● Excellent oral and written communication skills, including effective
public speaking
● College coursework to support people management or teaching
● Maintain a positive attitude that will motivate learners to consider a
career in one of the DMC core areas
● Demonstrated ability to work effectively and efficiently with a wide
range of community movement partners
● Commitment to DMC’s core values and practices to advance these in
our organizational culture
● Strong organizational skills
● Strong leadership skills that greatly values collaboration and teamwork,
as well as independent and innovative thinking
● Proficient and confident in google docs, sheets, word, excel and
● Ability to learn and work with computer applications and Apple/Mac
● Knowledge and experience in the histories and cultures of Tribal and
Indigenous land challenges
● Passionate about pre-colonial land restoration and the ability to
articulate the importance of this work along with personal experience
with land restoration
● Collaborating and working with people from historically marginalized
groups in settings that feature diverse groups and interests
● Confident and works well under pressure
● Able to work independently and record progress of learners
● Demonstrate success working with Indigenous communities and other
common historically marginalized groups on land based projects

Application Instructions: 

To Apply:
Please email DMC Hiring Team at with:
Subject line: Farm Crew Application (Your Name)
Cover letter detailing your interest in the position
Three references, work- or farm-related, with current phone numbers
and emails

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