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Earth Elder-Live In Permaculture position Available at The WE Network Inc. - 19502

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Earth Elder-Live In Permaculture position Available
The WE Network Inc.
6286 Wayne 216
63934 Clubb , MO ,
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Earth Elder-Live In Permaculture Technician
Permaculture position available

General Farm Description: We have a small farm in the southeast Missouri Ozarks where we grow organic vegetables and raise numerous free-range livestock for our Gaian Village and community.

Forest Farm and Co-op Farm Manager


Location: Clubb, MO

Positions are also available in every state for other villages that are starting- see our website for those locations*

Permaculture position available
Job Description

We are looking for someone who is passionate about regenerative agriculture, has experience farming and building farm infrastructure projects, is highly systematic, and is not intimidated by learning new things.

We need an independent worker who can work closely with the farm owners to consult about the strategic vision for the farm and then implement that vision with a large degree of independence.

Weekly tasks will include hosting a gathering of free laborers every weekend for 3 hours, planting, harvesting, collecting eggs, and working on a number of farm infrastructure projects such as installing new garden beds, installing new greenhouses, etc.

Live onsite and receive a monthly budget, 20-40 hours per week depending on their skill set. The farm is not yet profitable, but all of the pieces are in place to make a profit this season: we will have a roadside farm stand on a highly trafficked road, we will also need to have a small CSA and want to be ready to start direct sales to restaurants.

Permaculture position available
Tradeshops are being established that will need a natural raw material to produce the artisan goods. Your task will be to help guide these members and partner with them to accomplish their project goals.

Our Village is also a small wildlife and small farm animal sanctuary with some animals that are just there for retirement. We practice a plateau domestication technique that raises the domestication level of our wildlife by including managing them while we rewild most of our livestock and planting 3 times what we need for them to have a garden of Eden to forage, using ancient silvopasture techniques.

The Earth Elder is responsible for the complete operation of the farm. We have some plans about a few things like a greenhouse and one small orchard and garden started, but the rest is a blank slate for you. You will work closely with the farm members to provide strategic oversight for their projects and caretaking of their projects between their visits. You will have the authority to request the time frame that each project owner is responsible for on each basis. You will be responsible for the management, planning, and control of the farm’s garden and food forest operations, a range of farm infrastructure projects, and marketing-related tasks.

Permaculture position available

Essential Functions
Work closely with project owners and help manage a farm team to produce the highest quality crops and plants that will be distributed to our community and also to grow the needed raw materials for our artisan’s shops.
Conduct and manage all field preparations
Maintain proper records of the full livestock/plant life cycle including breeding/planting and birth/harvest dates and yield for future analysis
Crop harvesting, packing, and delivery
Training and managing farm workers

Hours and Work Days
20 to 40 hours per week. Hours will depend on numerous factors and may increase and decrease seasonally.

Monthly budget, site for a home and office, free village shopping plus commission

Educational Opportunities: There will be many opportunities to learn about regenerative agriculture as you work but this job will not be a good fit for someone with no prior experience.

Meals: No, but some shared vegetables and free village shopping and dining in our restaurants.

Permaculture position available
Housing: No- but we have a temporary camper to stay in when you start but you will be allocated a lot for your office and residence. You could bring a camper for a short term or a tiny house.

We have a resource for the financed purchase of an unfinished tiny house for around $200 a month or you could even work with our EcoJunk Air Elder to get a community-built tiny house.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Required Skills

Project WE Network’s image to be genuinely friendly and take pride in your work.

Self-motivated and disciplined.
Ability to prioritize and complete work assignments on a timely basis.

Maintain strict confidentiality and judgment regarding privileged information.

Display and live out our Lead with Love principles by being: patient, kind, trusting, unselfish, truthful, forgiving, and dedicated.

Willing to constantly improve.

Maintain a professional appearance with good personal hygiene.

Promote and support a teamwork environment by cooperating and helping co-workers.

Adapt to changes easily.

Tolerate a fast-paced, hectic & then on your own environment.

Show appreciation to others.

Must be sensitive to the needs of our Guests and feel empowered to take action to meet their needs within company guidelines.

Education & Experience: 

Skills Desired: Some vegetable farming experience, efficiency, independence, and reliability. Aquaponics - We have numerous unattended ponds. Permaculture, Chinampa, forests,
Mushrooms, Silvopasture, and forest farming- you will be managing most of our 300 acres

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Preferred method of Contact: Apply through the site
Permaculture position available
Apply to become
an Elemental Earth Elder

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